Rural Women Conclave inaugurated at  R.S. Pura & Suchetgarh

Jammu, 27 May 2024 | Rural Women Conclave at  R.S. Pura & Suchetgarh was inaugurated by Chief Guest Anissa Nabi JKAS State Project Manager J&K State Rural Livelihood Mission. It was the first of its kind for rural women, Which was organised by Dr. Navneet Kaur founder of NGO SUPPORT, Vinod Shandli founder of JK JKS, and Kunwarrani Ritu Singh.

More than 350  Women participated in this conclave from 50 different villages of R.S. Pura & Suchetgarh belts. Taking the Prime Minister’s Mission forward to empower rural women and focusing on skill-based education for young girls and women. 

12 speakers spoke on challenges faced by rural women and how to overcome these challenges. Ms.  Anissa Nabi JKAS presided over as the Chief Guest on this occasion.

Many speakers of this Conclave addressed that the Rural belts of Jammu & Kashmir are home to numerous women who are uneducated, and poor but skilled by hand. Several measures are being taken for women-centric developments in society by the Govt & NGOs. Through these NGOs,  a lot of women have been skilled in different trades, yet many remain unempowered.

Empowerment of such women through a novel business model is being initiated at the ground level by NGO SUPPORT, JK JKS & supported by Dr. Navneet Kour, Vinod Sandhu & Dr. Ritu Singh.

Adi Shakti awards were given to 15 Women including deputy Superintendent Dr. Sanjogita, Dr Pratiksha, Dr. Monika Suri BMO RS Pura Manjeet Kaur, Manmeet Bali, Anjum Imtiaz, Nisha Kapoor, Sawarn Lal, Narinder Kumar, Reeta Sharma, Sarpanch Ms. Kanta Sharma, Saloni and many other.

The Chief Guest of the occasion JKAS Anissa Nabi State Project Manager JK SRLM appreciated the great initiative taken by Dr. Navneet founder Chairperson of NGO SUPPORT in association with JK JKS  headed by Vinod Shandil and Kunwarani Dr. Ritu Singh for reaching out to rural women through this Rural Women Conclave, spreading awareness about various issues and challenges related to rural women and its solution and also for honoring and empowering women who are working selflessly for upliftment of rural women and deserve all the honor and accolades.

It’s time for a shift in the mindset of women to become independent in terms of upskilling and exploring market avenues for which mission Umeed is also working tirelessly and aims at design development, quality improvement & market interventions to provide livelihood opportunities to rural women. But to achieve this education & awareness are important through such initiatives which will add to the efforts put in by JKRLM in handholding rural women. More and more Rural women should get associated with mission Umeed to reap its benefits & earn livelihood becoming financially independent and contributing to the economy of the nation.

Dr. Navneet Kour stated that healthy discussions in this conclave will help us improve the working situation on the ground that the Rural women are facing and will later improvise and make winners. Rural Women have found a way for their empowerment and growth with the help of NGO SUPPORT & JK JKS. They are being provided with different skill training as well as entrepreneurial activities. We help these women form small SHGs and these women make up their low-income organizations as their financial resources. Small Canteen initiatives led by women have been launched in 30 Villages selling organic pulses and grains in this belt by JK JKS & NGO SUPPORT.

Vinod Shandil also spoke about the hardships faced by these women and these challenges have been addressed by their organizations and have provided skills to more than 1700 women and girls in this sector in collaboration with NGO Support supported by Dr. Navneet Kour and Dr. Ritu Singh. Ashok Sharma represented Kunwarani Ritu Singh and gave a presentation on the upcoming projects designed for these women and girls for skill-based training generating income which includes the Bhumika Project & projects related to “waste to wealth” management. The book “Atamnirbhar Batien” by Author Nisha Kapoor was released by the Chief Guest Anissa Nabi and eminent members. Copies of the book were distributed among the Rural women . Dr Navneet Kaur stated that such a model could be extended to women entrepreneurs in other rural areas too. Rural women are the human resource for the employment model which allows them to earn and work from their villages. Ms. Manjeet Kaur Women Head of JK JKS gave the vote of thanks and expressed her gratitude to all those who attended the Conclave. Certificates were distributed by Dr. Navneet Kour and Vinod Sandil.

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