Album “Bawe Wali Maa Puri Kar Di Muradaan” Bhajan released by Sahil Mahajan & Sohail Kazmi

Jammu, 28 May 2024 | Sahil Mahajan (BJP Jk Ut Co-Convenor Sanskriti Art Culture Cell) & Sohail Kazmi (Journalist, Social Activity) Released Bhajan  “Bawe Wali Maa Puri kar Di Muradhaan”

Kumar Avtar’s Soulful Voice, Munish Jammu Wala’s Lyrics, and Rahul Bhardwaj’s Melodies Shine in this Musical Masterpiece

Sahil Mahajan & Sohail Kazmi have recently released the highly-anticipated album “Bawe Wali Maa Puri Kar Di Muradaan” on the YouTube channel Maa Bawe Wali Records. The album features the talented singer Kumar Avtar who brings life to Munish Jammu Wala’s heartfelt lyrics with music composed by the gifted Rahul Bhardwaj.

Directed by the visionary K.K. Malhotra, the album is a visual treat that captivates audiences with its cinematic excellence. Sahil Mahajan spearheaded the project, ensuring a seamless and captivating musical journey for listeners. Adding an extra touch of divinity to the project, Master Saleem’s blessings have graced the album, making it a truly special release.

The star-studded album launch saw the presence of esteemed personalities such as Bhavya Choudhary, Vishal Sharma, Atul Gupta, Er. Shubham Kotwal, Umar Ayub, and the talented Manish Manotra. Their support and applause further validate the incredible talent and creativity showcased in “Bawe Wali Maa Puri Kar Di Muradaan.”

Fans of soulful music and meaningful lyrics are in for a treat with this album. Its unique blend of traditional melodies and modern storytelling promises to resonate with audiences of all backgrounds. “Bawe Wali Maa Puri Kar Di Muradaan” is more than just an album; it’s a musical experience that touches the heart and soul of every listener.

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