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Why step motherly treatment with Private Schools

“NOC from Traffic is sheer harassment to Private Schools”

Jammu, November 29 | The members of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice, in a press statement issued here have strongly resented a long chain of formalities for Private Schools for obtaining extension of recognition & affiliation and termed the same as complete high handedness, discriminatory, coercive, punitive and quite discouraging at the hands of School Education department which lacks dozens of lacunas for government schools but are very harsh in respect of private schools.

They have appealed the Lt. Governor, Commissioner Secretary School Education & Chairman J&K State Board of School Education to look personally & deeply into the matter and analyse for themselves as to how traffic NOC is required for a private school situated in a by-lanes having no school buses or even any private Vehicles. Further as to why have a private High School is required to have 14 Kanals of land area for obtaining NOC as there is no such government or Private High School with a huge area in any part of Jammu & Kashmir. In such cases the undue pressure of authorities on this account is simply harassment of Private Schools who are providing quality education to the society on one hand and also give jobs/employment to the highly educated and frustrated youths, on the other hand the release said and appealed the authorities of education department to waive off this discriminatory NOC from Traffic department so that Private Schools are not harassed without any logic.

Commissioner Secretary School Education & Chairman J&K BOSE are requested to grant an extension of affiliation to all the Schools whose Inspection files are pending in J&K Board of School Education for extension of affiliation for want of NOC from Traffic & having minor deficiencies & are functioning more than 10 years as per past practice. The undertaking may be taken from the Schools that they would remove the deficiencies pointed out by the affiliation committee within 6 months. This will ensure that the students won’t suffer.

Giving details of exemplary discrimination with Private unaided schools vis-a-vis government schools, the members of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice, in a statement issued here have expressed great dismay & anguish over the double standard & yardstick adopted by the government. The J&K state government is spending Rs. 2000/= per student per month in government schools and about 90% Private Schools are hardly charging average Rs 700/= per student per month & the restrictions are being imposed on fee hike by Pvt. Education Institutions, Though both types of schools impart the same education to the students, notwithstanding that in both types of schools, the public money is involved. Why the Step motherly treatment with Private Schools? The double standard & yardstick also adopted by the government vide SRO: 123 dated 18-03-2010 in regulating the private schools in the state.

The release said that the private schools are required to renew/extension period of Recognition/Affiliation after every 2 to 3 years with a huge burden of formalities whereas no such renewal/extension is required in government schools. Further, the accommodation required for private schools in respect of Principal room, Staffroom, office room, Laboratory room is beyond one’s imagination. The building safety certificate, Fire safety certificate, Chemical safety Certificate, NOC from IGP Traffic, NOC from Fee-fixation committee, sanitation certificate from Municipality etc. are another burden on private schools simply to harass the concerned whereas no such binding is imposed on Government Schools this is very injustice with these unaided private Schools.

The recent Education policy of state government has also created great hurdle and bottleneck in the smooth functioning of the Private schools, SRO 123 should be amended and also introduced in government schools & the period of renewal/extension period of Recognition/Affiliation should not be less than 5 years. The low budget schools charging tuition fee less than 1000/= & Annual charges 6000/= should be exempted from approaching the Fee Fixation Committee for Approval. If any school needs to further hike the fee under any head by more than 6% needs to get the approval of the FFC under merit.

This type of discrimination on the part of the authorities at the helm of affairs is not justified at all and immediate reconsideration in the matter by His-Excellency the Lt. Governor of Jammu & Kashmir is therefore required. We have high hopes that the Lt. Governor of J&K & Commissioner Secretary School Education will redress the grievances of the Private Schools as requested, at the earliest. They further said that about 90% of Private Schools are running with a deficit budget by educated un-employed youths.

The Staff engaged by them stay hard for 6-12 months and are mainly educated un-employed & frustrated ones or retired ones and are paid the minimum possible wages. Charging them 12% as PF adds to the agony of this un-employed who resent the same badly, same is the case of retired teachers. It is, therefore, requested that government should squarely bear the expenses to the extent of 26% as PF in favour of unemployed educated youth which will go a long way in helping these frustrated un-employed educated youth.

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