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Tributes paid to Lal Chand Yamla on his 28th death anniversary

Jammu, December 20 | In a world which is now ruled by electronic dance music and remixes of various songs, the legacy of Lal Chand Yamla still remains alive. Twenty-eight years after his death, The Batwals India Social Organization remembered the legendary Punjabi Singer and his soulful renditions.

Born on March 28, 1914, in a Batwal family at Chakk no. 384 in Lyallpur District of Pakistan and after the partition of India in 1947, Lal Chand Yamla relocated to Ludhiana. He was trained in vocal singing by Pandit Dyall Ji and Chaudhry Majid and his writing skills were honoured by Sundar Das Aasi. During his career, he released 11 albums many of which produced some of the best-loved songs of his generation. His most popular songs include Das mein ki Pyar wichon khatya, Satgur Nanak Teri Leela nyaari ae, Satguru Nanak Aja, Jag Deya Chanana Tu, Chitta Ho Giya Lahoo, Jewani Meri Rangili, Sacha Souda, Jodi Vech Ke, Mukh Tera Chann, Aar Tanga Paar Tanga, Jorhi Rab Ne Mila and Whisky Di Botal Wargi. The album which gained the most recognition was Khedan De Din Chaar. He recorded duet songs with Mohinderjit Kaur Sekhon who was a recording artist with All India Radio, Jalandhar.

He also popularized singing of Dulla Bhatti, Shahni Kaulan and Puran Bhagat. His first recording was with HMV in 1952 and till last he remained with HMV. He performed all over the world and many times performed with the late great Alam Lohar. They were also good friends. He also popularized Tumbi, a traditional North Indian instrument. Much of his music has been sampled by Panjabi MC.

He was awarded Gold Medal by the then Indian Prime Minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in 1956 and a lifetime contribution award in 1989 by National Academy of Dance, Drama and Music, Delhi.

He left for his heavenly abode on December 20, 1991. Though he is not among us today but would always be remembered for his tuneful melodies which are known to millions globally, said R.L. Kaith while paying tributes.

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