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TDF demands Delimitation of Assembly seats

Sub-Division Thathri deserves district status & separate assembly constituency as it now comprises of 5 tehsils

Jammu, November 17 | President Thathri Development Front, District Doda, Kuldeep Kumar Rao in a press statement issued here has appealed to His-Excellency-the Lieutenant Governor of J&K, Girish Chandra Murmu to create new Assembly Constituency of the whole Sub-Division Thathri. As the Sub-Division Thathri is divided in Bhadarwah & Inderwal Constituencies because of which the whole Sub-Division Thathri is lacking the basic facilities. Sub-Division Thathri is the most backward and undeveloped Sub-Division of the State whose 90% population is situated in villages in the rural area.

The benefits of independence & democracy are yet to reach this area as it has all along been neglected in the past by the successive state governments as till date no MLC or MLA is from Sub-Division Thathri. Rao also demanded District Status & a separate tourism Authority for Sub-Division Thathri as it now comprises of 5 Tehsils and all the existing Districts & Assembly Constituencies in the state have hardly 2 or 3 Tehsils but it was deliberately neglected by the successive state governments.

Rao further said & added that the delimitation of Assembly seats has become more necessary with the creation of 8 new Districts because some areas of one constituency are falling under the administrative jurisdiction of two Districts for Example Inderwal, Chatroo & Thakrai of Inderwal Constituency fall in Kishtwar District whereas some parts of erstwhile Thathri Tehsil (Tehsil Kahara, Tehsil Thathri & Tehsil Phagsoo of same Inderwal constituency remain with District Doda. This sort of situation exists in many Assembly segments across the state that is bound to hamper the developmental and other social welfare activities.

Rao further said that it is very unfortunate that Tehsil Kahara, Tehsil Thathri & Tehsil Phagsoo of Sub-Division Thathri is attached with Inderwal Constituency (Inderwal, Chatroo & Thakrai villages of the erstwhile Kishtwar Tehsil) which is about 65 kms from Sub-Division Thathri & 30 kms away from District Headquarter Kishtwar) & Tehsil Chiralla, Tehsil Bhella & four Panchayats of Kahara Tehsils of Sub-Division Thathri are attached with Bhadarwah Constituency which is very injustice with the poor people of Sub-Division Thathri.

The main reason why it was made neither a constituency nor a District is that no representation in the upper house was given by successive governments till date. Tehsils Gandoh, Doda, Kishtwar & Bhadarwah have been provided with this representation but the erstwhile Tehsil Thathri which now comprises of 5 Tehsils, has been in-genuinely ignored. The poor people of Sub-Division Thathri have appealed to His-Excellency –the Lieutenant Governor of J&K, Sh. Girish Chandra Murmu to create separate Thathri Assembly Constituency of the whole Sub-Division Thathri.

In view of the above situation, the Assembly election in the state should now be held only after Delimitation of Assembly seats & also after rotation of reserved assembly constituency seats for justice to all.

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