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Sub-Division Thathri is biggest victim of discrimination

Jammu, December 25 | The members of Thathri Development Front, District Doda, in a press release issued here said that holding of Assembly elections without delimitation of Assembly seats, as done in BDC election without implementation of 73rd amendment will be another joke & discrimination with the people of Jammu Division in general & Sub-Division Thathri in particular. They have appealed to His-Excellency the Lt. Governor, Girish Chandra Murmu to conduct Assembly elections only after delimitation of Assembly seats.

They demand separate Assembly Constituency for the whole Sub-Division Thathri as it now comprises of 5 Tehsils and all the existing Districts & Assembly Constituencies in the state have hardly 2 or 3 Tehsils. They further said that it is very unfortunate that Tehsil Kahara, Tehsil Thathri & Tehsil Phagsoo of Sub-Division Thathri is attached with Inderwal Constituency (Inderwal, Chatroo & Thakrai villages of the erstwhile Kishtwar Tehsil) which is about 65 kms from Sub-Division Thathri & 30 kms away from District Headquarter Kishtwar) & Tehsil Chiralla, Tehsil Bhella & four Panchayats of Kahara Tehsils of Sub-Division Thathri are attached with Bhadarwah Constituency which is very injustice with the poor people of Sub-Division Thathri.

The main reason why it was made neither a constituency nor a District is that no representation in the upper house was given by successive governments till date. Tehsils Gandoh, Doda, Kishtwar & Bhadarwah have been provided with this representation but the erstwhile Tehsil Thathri which now comprises of 5 Tehsils, has been in-genuinely ignored. The poor people of Sub-Division Thathri have appealed to His-Excellency, Lt. Governor of J&K, Girish Chandra Murmu to create separate Thathri Assembly Constituency of the whole Sub-Division Thathri. The people of Sub-Division Thathri have high hope that they will not be discriminated at least in President’s rule this time & will get justice after the abrogation of Article 370.

They further said that the people of Jammu province in general & Sub-Division Thathri, in particular, have never got what was their genuine due share in the socio-economic and political processes during all these more than 70 years of the state’s accession to India. It is Jammu based leadership that is responsible for the step-motherly treatment being meted out to the people of Jammu Province in general & Sub-Division Thathri in particular, as also for the prevailing discontent in this region. There is hardly any section of society in Jammu region which is happy. Had the Jammu leadership, like its counterpart in Kashmir discharged its obligations towards this region and played a pro-active role in the state cabinet, Legislative Assembly & Legislative council, the story of Jammu Province in general & erstwhile Doda District, in particular, today would have been totally different.

They asked the Congress, NPP & BJP Legislators that who helped Farooq Abdullah Government in February 2002 amendment in the state constitution to bar delimitation of Assembly constituencies for more than three decades? Almost all the law-makers from Jammu, including those from Congress, voted for the anti-democratic amendment. Even Ghulam Nabi Azad, who claims that he belongs to Jammu, hit the people of Jammu Province below the belt by rejecting the Wazir Commission report that had recommended three new districts for Jammu and one for Kashmir and created eight new districts, four each for Jammu region & Kashmir region. He defended the anti-Jammu decision saying he believed in the principle of equality.

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