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SRS demands immediate restoration of Mobile Internet

Jammu, December 01 | Shri Ram Sena (SRS) on Sunday demanded both Centre and Union Territory Lt. Governor of J&K to immediately restore Mobile internet connectivity in Jammu region and if not possible at least in Jammu District as Jammuites are being made to suffer for none of their faults.

In a press note issued here, Shri Ram Sena J&K State President Rajiv Mahajan strongly regretted prolonged mobile internet dis-connectivity in Jammu saying that this has badly hampered business in Jammu as those who heavily use mobile net connectivity are facing great hardships in managing their business and particularly the worst sufferers are student community which hugely relies on mobile internet connectivity for the study related help. People are unable to fill online forms for admission, apply for jobs, access important information, access health services, book tickets, conduct online business transactions, he added.

While businesses across the globe are moving towards digitised revolution, Jammu is going backwards given the enforced internet blockades. “In a world filled with digital communication modules, enforcing a digital blackout doesn’t make sense, Mahajan added.

These days our entire work is dependent on the internet and when the government blocks the internet, business suffers 100% losses.

Mahajan further added that the current government’s flagship programme, the “Digital India” campaign to recognises the potential of the internet in improving governance. It aims to empower the citizen digitally by providing universal mobile connectivity and public internet accessibility, thus making the internet an important medium for the citizen to access public services.

Mahajan, on the other hand, appealed people of Jammu not to misuse social networking sites for false propaganda and for posting sensitive posts whenever mobile network connectivity is restored prompting law enforcing agencies to shut it down again.

Mahajan demanded PSA to those who misuse social networking sites to serve as a deterrent for those who fulfil their vested interests through these sites. Govt needs to bring harsh laws to curb misuse of social media and also should keep an eagle eye on such miscreants as such acts of few make crores to suffer despite being national and ready to do anything for integrity and sovereignty of the country.

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