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Srinagar born Roshini Kapoor Face of top brands

Srinagar born Roshini Kapoor Face of top brands.

Jammu | Roshni Kapoor is a Celebrity/Face of top brands and a fashion blogger by profession, born in Srinagar. She has crossed the milestone of more than 1 million followers on Instagram. Her career has included acclaimed and iconic blogs on her social media. As now, she is the most demanded personality in India. She has caught everyone’s eyes as she is gearing up her Bollywood debut very soon. She has been invited as a Celebrity Judge for biggest beauty pageants in all over India.

We are honoured to have such a gorgeous personality with us as a Brand Ambassador of One stage Event and Entertainment. Roshni marks her USP as a motivational, fashionista and an adorable personality.

While interviewing her:

Q: To begin, what’s your idea of fashion & modelling in the current point of time?

A: For me, Fashion is an art and When you are best to showcase it, you become a Fashion model.

And present scenario it has become the most influential business to promote yourself. It looks so easy and simple to have but it takes great efforts to become One.

Q: What was the biggest hurdle for you in the whole process?

A: There can be many factors which resist you in achieving goals but all you have to do is to accept and learn and overcome them. Sometimes, it can be language, culture or relocation but everything becomes easy when you become tough.

Q: So, what inspires you the most?

A: Anything that is growing and positive. I love to meet new people and explore new projects learning what best I can perceive from them to transform my own self.

If you contribute, you inspire me.

Q: You are no less than a fashion icon on social media with over a million followers. Tell us how do you maintain that persona?

A: Oh ! That’s very simple if you are passionate about fashion only. I take care of my fitness first coz nothing will get along if your own body can’t afford. To be a good Fashion icon, you need to have good body posture, healthy diet and of course a better sense of styling. You just need to love yourself in every look.

Q: What’s the most important thing about fashion in your opinion?

A: It is something, either you represent Fashion or Fashion represents you.

Your choice!

Q: a Turning point in your career?

A: Getting offers which I had never thought to have and moreover their smooth execution. But I would say there is a lot to work now.

Q: What special effort you took?

A: It’s all about realisation and action towards transformation.

Once you feel the need to change, you are ready to act.

Q: What’s your take on body-shaming?

A: Better to hit back hard upon anything that refrains you from being You. People don’t remember the beginning but they surely remember the Climax. So shut them off in a better way.

Q: The best decision you have ever taken?

A: Never to Look Back!

Q: If I ask you to describe Roshni, in short?

A: Don’t be afraid of doing what you really want to do cause you have the power beyond realization.

(It’s my own written quote which describes me pretty well)

Q: What’s next?

A: I believe in Surprises…

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