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Smart City Project remains inexplicable under BJP Rule

City roads in dilapidated condition, potholes have become threat to commuters

Jammu, November 07 | Shri Ram Sena J&K reminded BJP to tell Jammuites what happened with Jammu as smart city and asked whether it is illusion only for Jammu. In a press statement issued here, Shri Ram Sena J&K UT President Rajiv Mahajan said that like AIIMS, Metro, River Front, Artificial Lake, Sewage Trunkline, Dry Port, Mubarak Mandi, Chenab Water supply, Janipur Flyover, this Smart City Project also seems to be a fantasy only for Jammu.

He said moderate rains that lashed Jammu on Thursday inundated several low lying areas of the city and the damaged roads, thereby adding to the problems of the people and obstructing smooth vehicular movement. He particularly mentioned the dilapidated condition of Kamla Palace Road from Akhnoor road to Talab Tillo road saying that majority of the residential areas are in a dilapidated condition and potholes have become a threat to the commuters. Moreover, the risk of accidents increases during monsoon as potholes get filled with water, making it more difficult for commuters to travel.

Mahajan questioned the BJP central government over the tall promises it made to turn the twin capitals in Jammu and Kashmir into smart cities, stating that not even a smart street was found during the BJP rule in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the creation of Jammu smart city proved nothing but a mere hoax as there has been no forward movement vis-a-vis making the project visible on the ground.

He maintained that the Smart Cities Mission was launched by the Prime Minister Smart City Mission—aimed at improving basic urban infrastructure in cities in June 2015. This proves how the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir are taken for a ride with fake promises being made without remorse or fear of any reprisal,” Mahajan said.

Almost no work has been done on Solid Waste Management Plant despite even intervention of HC, no household connections of sewage with the main pipeline, no improvement in the mass transport system. It seems there is zero planning with no intent right now. All this is going on despite the fact that Jammu and Kashmir have been reduced to UT. No fixation of accountability for this delay repeated transfer of JMC Commissioner which results in lack of continuity and administrative paralysis.

Delays only increase the cost beyond feasibility and then results in shelving the project. Authorities have already taken people of Jammu for enough rides and one hopes better sense and intent prevails to turn this illusion into reality, Mahajan maintained. Reasons are obvious, the motto is to conceal more than reveal. The public has suffered enough and as such all said and done we hope under LG’s rule this mess is sorted out at the earliest and regular maintenance of road networks are started on a war footing and practical steps are taken to make Jammu smart city project a reality, Mahajan added.

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