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Provide ration to middle-class who do not have PDS cards

Jammu (Nagrota), July 27 | BDC Chairperson, Block Dansal, Reena Thappa urged the government to take immediate steps during the lockdown to provide PDS ration to needy people who do not have ration cards.

In a statement issued here, the BDC Chairperson expressed concern over a significant number of poor and people belonging to the middle class facing difficulties since they are not able to avail of the benefits of the Public Distribution System (PDS) as they do not have ration cards. She asserted that help should also be extended to those who are not covered under any food security scheme

The BDC Chairperson emphasized that the need of the hour is to put in place a comprehensive action plan for providing ration to those who do not have ration cards. She said that the issues of food security and food distribution amongst the poor and disadvantaged must be addressed with the utmost priority by the government.

“There are so many families in Jammu and Kashmir who are not getting the benefit of any government scheme due to non-bifurcation of their joint ration card. The government should take a serious note of the situation and should immediately lift a ban on the bifurcation of ration cards so that needy people will take advantage of government schemes which are meant for their welfare,” the BDC Chairperson said.

The BDC Chairperson mentioned that there are 15 Panchayats in Block Dansal and the people, who do not have their ration cards due to obvious reasons, are feeling the pinch of shortage in essential supplies amidst COVID-19 crisis.

The BDC Chairperson appealed to the Lt Governor to kindly provide the free ration to common masses in general and people belonging to middle-class families of those who are jobless and are not doing any private work due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, in particular.

“The only way to ensure every poor (household) gets rations is by universalizing the Public Distribution System, she said, adding that the government should immediately lift the ban from the bifurcation of ration cards besides issuance of new ration cards. The government should distribute free ration among needy on priority basis till the corona pandemic is over, she said.

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