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People wants to get rid of Cong, NC, PDP, BJP & others: NDPI

Jammu, January 08 | National Democratic Party Indian (NDPI) held executive members and workers meet at Party headquarters Jammu. While addressing to party workers J&K Unit President Rajesh Gupta extended his New Year greetings to the people of J&K and said the year 2020 bring happiness in everyone’s life and peace and communal harmony in the UT.

He said that people of Jammu and Kashmir have made a mindset which limited UT from National Conference to Peoples Democratic Party or from Congress to BJP but the time has come when people should change this trend and provide the chance to new faces and people for the betterment of UT and its people.

Deliberating over delivery system Gupta said, change is the law of nature and people of J&K will bring that change very soon. He said it sounds strange but nothing is impossible here. He further added that every region is facing discrimination but if NDPI comes to power it would not let discrimination to happen but equal development of both UT’s would be ensured. NDPI leader said we are on job at the grassroots level and the overwhelming response we are getting from the public is our real power.

NDPI Chief said that every household should have at least one person as government employee so that it is ensured that family would not face starvation. There should be a balance in society as it is seen some families have two, three government jobs while hundreds of families are without government job despite having similar qualification. Our government will ensure that every family must have one person as a government employee. Safety and security of women should be the top priority and our dispensation will be committed to making sure that among women sense of security prevails.

Our party intends to provide special status to farmers, horticulturists and agriculturist as they had been the victim for years together and in society, they should enjoy respect at par with the elite class. Our party would introduce a new insurance scheme for every newborn to eighteen years so that a type of job security is availed by the youngsters to which formula would be devised.

Rajesh Gupta said our government will also ensure better quality health and education system in JK UT. Health facilities would be provided at doorsteps while education standard would be enhanced so that the level of competition among students grows for better opportunities across the country.

NDPI leader said that there are much more ideas and formulas with which in a period of six months a visible change could be seen on the ground. So for all this happen people have trust and provide us with the opportunity so that our party and government could serve people better to make it prospers, peaceful and developed.

Regarding social evils like drug abuse, Rajesh Gupta said despite working by police, NGOs, social groups and other organizations the level of drug abuse is not getting controlled so it is important to devise a technical formula to curb this issue which is priority of our government as out party workers are already on job who are collecting data from across the state. Our government would devise a formula to make regulation of traffic smooth and existing rule would be followed automatically besides menace of noise pollution would be controlled.

The office bearers who were present on the occasion were Rajan Kumar, Bharat Bhushan Singh, Sandeep Anand, Om Parkash Sharma, S Ravinder Singh, S Harmeet Singh, Naveed Hussain and others.

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