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Padogtra visits different areas of Jammu, Hospital

Jammu, January 21 | Rajesh Padogtra, Provincial President –JKNPP (Jammu) expressed is a concern and anxiety for over the 200 deaths of children in the age group of 2-5 years in ten districts of Jammu Province from unknown disease and predominantly in Ramnagar Constituency of District Udhampur, 10 children have become victims of unknown disease.

Padgotra expressed is indignation and wrath against the administration of UT, J&K which claims that the adequate modern facilities are being provided to the public but contrariwise no such facilities have been provided.

Further Padgotra expressing his anxiety said, “if such modern facilities have been provided then why such huge number of deaths of innocent and immaculate have occurred” the work of the AIIMS at Vijaypur was started before 5 years back but still on ground, there seems to be no work which is the matter of much concerned and it is also a matter of gigantic anxiety and the public of province Jammu is asking the reasons of deaths of 200 children.

It has come to be noticed that in Medical College Jammu there is only one Doctor for the treatment of Gastroenteritis Biajant Singh Chandel and in the Endoscopy section, there is only one technician whereas in SKIMS Srinagar there are five doctors of Gastroenteritis and 15 technicians of Endoscopy. How much prosocial differences there! Besides, there is also another discrimination in Medical College Jammu in comparison with the SKIIMS Srinagar as observed by Padgotra and his associate by touring the different areas of Jammu Province where the death of occurred with the unknown disease.

Surinder Chouhan, Khajoor Singh, Rakesh Verma, Adv. Kulbushan Attri, Kunwar Bali & Ravinder Singh Jamwal was also accompanied by Padgotra.

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