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NSUI took out ‘Samvidhan Bacahao Rally’ in MP

Neeraj Kundan, President, National Students Union of India during 'Samvidhan Bachao Rally' in Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh, February 08 | The National Students Union of India under the leadership of President Neeraj Kundan took out ‘Samvidhan Bachao Rally’ in Madhya Pradesh where thousands of students participated to protest against anti-constitutional decisions taken by BJP government in its second tenure and show their resistance, to stand up for their rights, to stand up to protect constitution.

Constitution gives its citizens certain rights to protect their interests. But recently the government have time and again taken decisions that break the spirit of democracy. They have abrogated article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir unconstitutionally, they locked down Kashmir, but the whole state on emergency and locked local leaders in their homes.

Then they brought the Citizenship Amendment Act, Home Minister said they will bring National Register of Citizen. Nationwide protests are happening, hundreds of people have died in Assam and nation-wide protests. The government is not even ready to establish a dialogue with the protestors and their ministers have broken record of hate speech during Delhi election campaigning. Their statements of BJP ministers have inspired youth to even do firing at protestors and ruin his career as well as the career of students protesting.

Neeraj Kundan states that “BJP doesn’t want the students to do study, they want them to stay uneducated so that they could easily be manipulated. BJP and its affiliated students’ organisation ABVP members were have been involved in the violent attack on JNU and Delhi University students.

The student’s of various universities are standing up against the immoral, unethical and degrading policies of the central government. He urged the students of Madhya Pradesh to stand against the violent Gunda Raj of ABVP as well as urged to stand together to save constitution and its idea.”

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