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NPP hails Lt. Governor’s statement on 4G

Providing 2G services despite charging for 4G is organized loot: Harsh

Jammu, July, 27 | Hailing the Lt. Governor for his statement that J&K administration has no objection to the restoration of 4G connectivity in the erstwhile State, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister called upon the Union Government to ensure high-speed mobile internet services in the J&K UT at the earliest.

Harsh Dev said that the Central government had earlier taken the stand that the J&K administration would take the call over the issue. And after the categoric unambiguous statement by the Lt. Governor ruling out any opposition to the restoration of 4G services, the said facility needed to be restored immediately.

Speaking to media persons, Harsh Dev said that providing 2G services in J&K despite charging for 4G connectivity was an organized loot that could not have been possible without the involvement of bigwigs holding top positions in the government.

“The Lt. Governor has however spilled the beans. If the Lt. Governor as the Head of the UT has no objection to 4G services, then who has been responsible for the denial of the said facility to 13 million people of J&K despite having been made to pay tariff plan fixed for 4G services, questioned Singh. He endorsed the viewpoint of Lt. Governor that Pak would continue with its nefarious activities irrespective of whether we have 2G or 4G connectivity.

Asserting that continuance of 2G services on mobile phones has made a mockery of the users, Harsh Dev said it was exceptionally feeble, slow, and disallows access to all the sites. “While the students continue to suffer in attending online classes because of Corona pandemic, the online services including the procurement of the domicile certificate remain inaccessible in the far-flung areas due to the absence of 4G internet services. The commercial houses, the traders, the businessmen, the professionals, and the media fraternity have incurred huge losses worth crores. Besides all bad things would continue to happen even with 2G. But all good things which can happen only with 4G would continue to remain elusive”, said Singh.

Questioning the criminal silence of the Jammu based BJP leaders on the sensitive issue, he said that the saffron govt. after assuming power resorted to the nasty policy of coercion and oppression. He asked the government to tighten its security network and cautioned the telecom giants to stop looting the people. Prolonged internet blockade of this kind is bizarre. Panthers party would be forced to launch a huge stir if full fledge high speed 4G mobile internet services are not restored at the earliest”, roared Harsh Dev.

Rajesh Padgotra, Provincial President, Surinder Chouhan, District President Jammu (Rural) & Khajur Singh, Joint Secretary were also present in the press conference.

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