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NPP calls for Jammu bandh on December 7

Band call against Internet Ban, Toll Plaza Saror

Jammu, December 02 | Accusing the govt. of ruthlessly suppressing the genuine aspirations of the nationalist people of Jammu region, Harsh Dev Singh, Chairman-JKNPP & former Minister called for Jammu bandh on Saturday, December 7th to protest in particular the continued blockade of mobile internet services and government’s move of opening new Toll Plazas in Jammu and its vicinity.

He said that it was an insult to the people of Jammu who were subjected to Internet gag and communication blockade on the plea of its misuse for anti-national activities. “Our patriotism is time tested. Do not suspect the nationalist Dogras. Stop humiliating the people of Jammu by distrusting them. The nationalist people of Jammu have stood with the nation at all times and against all odds and had been seeking the complete integration of J&K with Indian Union even much before the passage of Reorganization Act and consequent-abrogation of Article 370 which fructified on August 5, 2019. Is it not a punishment therefore to the people of Jammu to deprive them of mobile internet services which have become a necessity in the contemporary world” asserted Singh. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu.

Pointing towards the irreparable damage caused to the students largely dependent upon the online academic activity, Singh questioned as to who would take the responsibility for their losses. “The students preparing for general exams and for competitive exams were the worst sufferers with unemployed educated youth also facing insurmountable problems in the absence of internet services. The traders had been hit hard due to the unwarranted govt. move sustaining losses worth several hundreds of crores, lamented Singh. The normal life itself had been thrown out of gear with the govt. acting as a mute spectator and even refusing to give a probable time frame for restoration of such services thus necessitating people’s participation in the protest band to awaken the dormant administration” said Singh.

Further pointing towards the new Toll Plazas installed and also proposed for installation in Jammu and its vicinity, Singh said that the City of Temples was being converted into City of Toll Plazas. He said that BJP leadership had promised to wind up the Saror Toll Plaza with its State President assuring the people that he would bulldoze the structure in case the centre did not respond. It is an irony that while the Toll Plaza continues, it’s the people’s aspirations which have been brazenly bulldozed, remarked Singh. He appealed the people to participate in the peaceful band on Saturday, December 7th to ventilate their anger against the authoritarian moves of the government.

Parshotam Parihar, State Secretary-PTU & Surinder Chouhan, District President Jammu (Rural) were also present in the press conference.

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