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No entry for criminals & un-educated in Parliament: MPEJ

India demands Politicians Amendment Act, (PAA)

Jammu, January 06 | Kuldeep Kumar Rao an active member of Movement for Peace, Equality & Justice in a press release issued here said that a very dangerous trend is going rounds in politics these days. All traditional Political Parties & their student wings are spreading the message that if such & such Parties comes to power / CAA is implemented than such & such religion groups will be targeted. It is totally a false agenda being spread by these traditional political parties only to mislead poor people. The need of the hour is to expose all these traditional political parties for playing caste-based politics. The present situation in the country in general & J&K, in particular, is due to the corrupt & caste base politics being played by all these traditional political parties.

The need of the hour is to unitedly irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion or region should expose and vote against them. No Hindu, Muslim, Sikh are safe in this corrupt & caste-based politics. The poor people of J&K have not got any benefit & will not get any benefit before or after Abrogation of Art. 370 & 35-A & the poor people of J&K, as well as India, will not get any benefit of CAA, only these Political Parties are exploiting the poor people for their personal political interest. The people of India demand Politicians Amendment Act, no entry for criminals & uneducated peoples in Parliament. Can we expect public interest policies & laws in this corrupt political system where 43% of MPs’ of different Political Parties are of criminal background?

He further said that the condition worsened in Kashmir because of these selfish Kashmir leaders connivance. Now even if they intend to act otherwise, it is not in their hands now”. He has expressed deep concern over the loss of precious lives of the poor people of Kashmir, liberal journalists/social activists & our own security personnel in all these unfortunate incidents due to wrong & appeasement policies of the successive corrupt governments for their personal interests.

The other reason behind this unrest in J&K in general & the valley, in particular, is that the qualified poor youth of the valley in particular & qualified youth of J&K, in general, have always been ignored by the corrupt successive governments and these governments have bitterly failed to address their grievances and taking action for providing them lively hood. These un-employed qualified youth having no means of lively hood prompted themselves to choose the alternative way for earning their lively hood by indulging themselves to stone-pelting as these youth are being paid a handsome amount for stone-pelting by the vested interests active in the valley.

Rao further said & added that all traditional political parties since independence till date followed the same policy of divide & rule; which the Britishers had adopted for the Indian to befool. The PDP-BJP had also followed the same path of nepotism & favouritism; though against the previous NC-Congress government they unleashed a severe criticism. In J&K employment is only for the wards & relatives of politicians not for the wards of poor people of Kashmir or Jammu Divisions. He appealed the people of J&K irrespective of their religion or region not to get misled by the statements of all these traditional political Parties they are not the saviour of democratic Institutions or Article 370, 35-A but are the real killers of these Institutions.

Rao further appealed general masses to read the writings on the wall and prepare themselves for a holistic socio-political change in the coming Assembly elections in the state as done by the wise people of Delhi for a complete socio-political & economic transformation in the system of governance with the delivery of justice on doorsteps of Aam Academy.

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