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Kashmir Based film “Half Widow” screened in Bombay

Pune, Delhi receives remarkable response

Mumbai, February 27 | After Successful screening of the film “Half widow” In Pune and Delhi it was screened at Mumbai were the prestigious gathering of Film lovers, celebrities and intellectuals of Mumbai watched series of screening.

The film “Half Widow” directed by Los Angeles based filmmaker Danish Renzu which has received various awards and recognition throughout the world has made its effective mark in the film fraternity. It’s screening in various cities of the USA, France, Canada witnessed extraordinary response from film lovers. The same response was witnessed in Bombay (Mumbai) earlier Delhi also responded same way.

Its screening was watched by distinguished audience belonging, art and other intellectual fraternities. A large section of Kashmir Muslims and Pandits of repute who watched the film were unanimous to describe this film as a piece of philosophy aptly projected on the screen.

In Mumbai also keen watchers of film, Half Widow observed that it is a true Kashmir story which does not fall into the Bollywood trap of the formula Kashmir film and Film celebrities who watched this film today could find real Kashmir on cinema.

World oriented reputed media outlets based in Mumbai were all praise for the film as well. It has already been pointed out that in its movie reviews it has been pointed out that time has come to promote this kind of cinema. “There are films like Half Widow that forces us to look inwards and at the injustices happening around us. Coming from the mind of LA-based Kashmiri filmmaker Danish Renzu, Half Widow tells the story of innumerable people that have become all too common. Half Widow tells the story of Neela (Neelofar Hamid), who lives in Srinagar with her brother Zakir (Shahnawaz Bhat) and her aunt. She has lost both her parents by the time we meet her but is still full of hope and optimism towards her future. The time comes for her to get married and she gets married to a paper shop owner named Khalid (Mir Sarwar) The film is shot entirely on location and hence feels absolutely authentic throughout. Renzu makes sure to capture the landscape with a lot of beauty to contrast the misery that the characters are feeling. The editing by Nitin Baid is seamless, which is amplified by the soulful music provided by Alokananda Dasgupta.

In Mumbai (Bombay) screening show audience also liked the popular Song, “khan e Mouj koor “which was first time introduced in Half Widow and later it was taken over by other musical houses. The Sufi legendary figure Noor Mohammad has also been introduced for the first time in Film, Half Widow and people immediately realized his potential. His voice and role were praised by all in Mumbai screening.

The film critics praised joint production of Gaya Bhola and Danish Renzu, Bosten based dialogue by Sunany Kachroo, script by Danish Renzu, and cinematography by Antony of Hollywood who has also captured iconic film “Titanic”. The commendable performances by Neelofar Hameed as Half Widow, Mir Sarwar as Khalid and Mr Shahnawaz Bhat as Zakir also received applaud of the audience. The Concluding song “Kuch tou Baki hai” by Sung by famous Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam had a lasting impression.

The Bombay screening today was personally attended by the director of the Film “Danish Renzu” along with other star casts of this Kashmir oriented film.

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