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JMC conducted major Anti Encroachment drive

Dismantles unauthorized structures

Jammu, February 19 | Acting tough on curbing the menace of unauthorized & illegal constructions, the Enforcement Wing of Jammu Municipal Corporation on the directions of Avny Lavasa, IAS Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation, conducted a major Anti Encroachment drive against the unauthorized/illegal constructions being undertaken at various places which include National Highway, Narwal, Transport Nagar, Channi Rama, Jeevan Nagar, Digiana, Lane no. 16 Rajpura Mangotrian, Krishana Building New Plot etc.

In Jeevan Nagar area illegal Khula was raised by nomads which were encroaching the park and was therefore dismantled by enforcement staff of JMC. Illegal pillars were constructed by one Munish Sharma in lane no. 16 of Rajpura Mangotrian and also encroached the road up to 5’ right in front of his neighbours. All the pillars were damaged and encroachment of 5’ also removed from the road. An existing illegal Khokha at New Plot near Krishan Building has also been raized to earth by enforcement wing of JMC and reinforcement of the said kokha was also stopped immediately and dismantled concrete work on the spot.

During the drive, both men and machinery of Jammu Municipal Corporation were put to service for the task and dismantled the above said structures under the close supervision of Ashish Gupta KAS (Joint Commissioner Adm) and Tinna Mahajan, KAS, Secretary, JMC. The removed structures were in violation of the provisions of J&K Municipal Corporation Act 2000. More such unauthorized structures on rooftops of shops/private buildings shall be removed in future at the risk, cost and responsibilities of the violators.

Further, the Commissioner, Jammu Municipal Corporation appeals to the General Public to refrain from making illegal constructions and get building plans whether commercial/residential approved from Jammu Municipal Corporation otherwise action as admissible under rules leading to demolition/sealing of the building will be taken against the violators.

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