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JMC celebrated the 70th year of Constitution Day

Jammu, November 26 | Jammu Municipal Corporation under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble Mayor celebrated the 70th year of Constitution Day on 26th of November 2019 in the Conference hall of JMC. In the celebrations, also attended by Hon’ble Dy. Mayor, Commissioner and the staff of Jammu Municipal Corporation, the Preamble to the Constitution was read by the Mayor and Dy. Mayor who emphasized the following of the Constitution of India in letter and spirit and to imbibe its values and practice the same in true spirit.

Mayor exhorted upon all to discharge the duties as envisaged in the Constitution with due diligence in the larger interest of Nation and the Society. The Dy. Mayor spoke about the social justice aspect emphasizing the equality of justice for one and all and impressed that the social justice to the economically backward and weaker section shall bring them at par with the affluent class and dealt at length on the constitutional provisions for ensuring social justice. Emphasizing on the importance of the Constitution Day, the Commissioner, JMC informed that on 26th of November 1949, the Constitution was formally adopted by the Parliament and signed by its members on 24th of January 1950.

He further informed that there were 389 members of the Constituent Assembly out of which, 292 members were the representatives from the States, 93 members from the Princely States and 4 others were the Chief Commissioners of Delhi, Ajmer-Marwara, Coorge and Baluchistan. The Constitution document comprises of 234 pages with calligraphy done by Prem Bihari Narain Raizada, is presently kept in a hermetically sealed case in the Parliament Hall. Later in the meeting, everybody took the pledge to uphold the Constitution of India in highness esteem and follow the same in true spirit.

A year-long calendar of activities to be done by JMC for creating awareness of various aspects of the Indian Constitution amongst elected representatives, citizens and staff, were also finalized during the meeting.

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