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JKNPP protests steep price rise of staple vegetables, groceries

Soaring onion prices have left common man ‘tear-eyed’ in BJP rule: Harsh

Jammu, November 08 | Agitated over the steep price rise of staple vegetables and groceries with rates of onions sky-rocketing to Rs.100 per Kg, a strong battalion of Panther activists along with women folk spearheaded by Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP staged a strong protest demonstration at Exhibition Ground Jammu.

The infuriated protestors wearing the garlands of onions and tomatoes accused the BJP government of its failure to control inflation which had broken the back of the common masses. They raised slogans of ‘Jab se Modi sarkaar ayee, Kamar todh mehangayi layee’, ‘Bahut ho gayee mehangayi ki maar, nahin chahiye Modi sarkaar’, ‘BJP aam admi ki Jeb par daaka dalna band Karo’, ‘BJP ka Ek hi Sapna, Ram Ram Japna, paraya maal apna’.

Addressing the media, Harsh Dev Singh pointed out that there had been a four-fold rise in onion prices during the last three months which had rendered the popular vegetable beyond the reach of a common man. “The astounding rate of onions touching Rs.100 per kg under Saffron rule has left masses ‘tear-eyed’. With LPG already being costlier, the soaring prices of vegetables and groceries have shattered the budget of a common household with housewives left dazed and confused”, Harsh rued.

He regretted that inflation had become a benchmark of BJP’s governance and looting people by burning holes in their pockets had always been its motive. India does produce much more onion than it is consumed. The GoI’s decision to ban the export of onions has not only affected the foreign trade but left the issue of country’s onion mess unresolved. India’s onion problem is not managing the ‘shortages’ but it is about managing the ‘surplus’ where the BJP has miserably failed, he divulged while cornering the Saffron party.

Lambasting the BJP for its hypocrisy over the inflation, Singh reminded that while the BJP was in opposition, its front line leaders wasted no time to lodge series of protest demonstrations at every nook and corner of the country against the price rise of essential commodities. But now when the Saffron party has been in power, the inflation rate had peaked all-time high and broken all records with none of its Ministers uttering a word over the soaring prices, he added. He said that NPP shall agitate vigorously to oppose and expose the BJP for its duplicity, deceit and betrayals. He asked the GoI to immediately come with the measures to control inflation of agri-products to provide relief to the common man against the spiralling prices of staple vegetables and essential commodities.

Anguished over the price rise of essentials which had added to the woes of a common man, Manju Singh State General Secretary-JKNPP pointed out that prices of almost all the pulses and cereals had risen by an appalling rate. “They are spine breaking. Arhar @ Rs.180/kg, [email protected] Rs.130/kg, Chana @ Rs.120/kg, Masoor @Rs. 180/kg, Rajma @180/kg, Urad @130/kg have set the common kitchen on fire. Likewise, the prices of edible oils and dairy products had crossed all-time high adding further burden on the people”, she regretted.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Rajesh Padgotra, Gagan Partap Singh, Parshotam Parihar, Surinder Chouhan, Khajoor Singh, Ram Paul Sharma, K.K. Sharma, Shankar Singh, Subash Chander besides others.

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