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JKNPP holds fast on Constitution Day

Restore and respect the sanctity of Indian Constitution: Harsh Dev

Jammu, November 26 | Describing the Constitution of India as the most sacrosanct document governing the functioning of the nation, the Panthers Party workers and leaders led by Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and Yashpal Kundal State President Young Panthers on the ‘Constitution Day’ observed a fast at Jammu urging upon the government to honour and respect its provisions in the ultimate interests of the country and its people.

The party activists assembled in the morning at Exhibition Ground and sat on fast-cum-protest alleging subversion of Constitution by vested political interests and sought restoration of its sanctity in the interests of a strong, steadfast and powerful India. They raised slogans of ‘Restore sanctity of Indian Constitution’, ‘Restore democracy and rule of law’, ‘Hitler raaj nahin chalega, nahin chalega’, ‘Jamhooriyat ka gala ghotna band Karo, band Karo’, etc. They torched the effigy of BJP led NDA government which they said symbolized dictatorship and Hitler rule as opposed to exalted values and precepts enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Speaking on the occasion, Singh said that Indian Constitution adopted on Nov 26, 1949, and enforced on Jan 26, 1950, has been amongst the best Constitutions in the world which made India the Sovereign Democratic Republic and ensured its citizens’ justice, liberty, equality and fraternity. He said that it was the day to recollect the painstaking efforts of the framers of the Constitution who translated the urges and aspirations of the people of this great country into various provisions of this most pious document.

He said that while every regime was constitutionally obliged to honour the fundamental rights of the citizens of the country and to respect the supreme law of the land, it was distressing to note the subversion of constitutional provisions and allied guarantees by the power-hungry politicians for their personal and political motives. He said that the NPP was forced to sit on the roads on the Constitution Day to convey a message to the political leadership of the country to stop dishonouring the pious wishes of the freedom fighters and the heroes of the Indian independence as incorporated in the Constitution of India.

Alleging subversion and negation of democracy, Singh regretted that public mandate was most brazenly disrespected in the country by resorting to horse-trading and other unfair and unconstitutional means as was being observed in various states of this great nation. “The political parties were blatantly defying and defeating the constitutional provisions for personal enrichment and political empowerment thereby making a mockery of the most sacrosanct document conceptualized and adopted on this day. The rule of law as envisaged under the constitution had been replaced by the rule of whim. Liberal democracy is being supplanted by pseudo-democracy.

The right to freedom of speech and expression is being choked. The space for political opponents is shrinking and dissent is being frowned upon, rather crushed. The leaders of the opposition are either put behind the bars or made to face enquiries from vigilante organizations with several other restrictions on their civil liberties. J&K, in particular, continues to be deprived of democratic rights with Governor rule, President rule and Central government rule imposed by denying a legitimately elected govt to its people. Politics of coercion, intimidation, detentions and persecutions continue to be followed with hardly any space for political opponents”, said Singh adding that the Constitution Day should be a moment of introspection for the ruling party which seemed to have disregarded the basic tenets of the Indian Constitution.

Singh appealed to the social, political organizations besides civil society to join hands to restore the pristine glory of the Indian Constitution and the pride of the most illustrious and vibrant democracies of the world.

Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Rajesh Padgotra, Manju Singh, Renu Singh, Yogita, Gagan Pratap Singh, Shankar Singh Chib, Parshotam Singh Parihar, Capt. Anil Gaur, Khajoor Singh, Rohit Sharma, Neeraj, Shankaar Singh, Surinder Chauhan, Khajoor Singh, Nirmal Kishore, Kewal Krishan Sharma, Mohinder Singh, Udeyveer, Chatterpaul Singh, Ravender Singh, Kirti Phangotra, Naresh Verma besides others.

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