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JKFFA pays tributes to Freedom Fighter Ashfaq Ullah Khan

Jammu, December 19 | Jammu and Kashmir Freedom Fighters Association (JKFFA) paid floral tributes to great freedom fighter Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan on his Death Anniversary at Dogra Shaurya Stambh, Amphalla.

The function was organised by Chairman JKFFA, Ved Gandotra and Vice Chairman, Rajiv Mahajan.

Sohail Kazmi was the Chief Guest of the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Sohail said that Shaheed Ashfaq Ullah Khan was a patriot who waged a struggle against the British in the freedom movement.

Khan was hanged in Faizabad jail in Uttar Pradesh on December 19, 1927. He launched a movement for eradication of poverty, fight against capitalism and to resist the attempts of those planning to come to power by creating inter-religious conflicts, Sohail said.

A martyr, a dacoit, a revolutionary – whatever name you call him by, Ashfaq Ullah Khan went down in history for heading the 1925 Kakori train robbery along with Ram Prasad Bismil, the leader of the revolutionary group Hindustan Republican Association (HRA) during India’s freedom movement.

The plan was to loot a train carrying British state treasury from Kakori to Lucknow and use the loot to purchase arms for the freedom struggle. Khan, Bismil and nine other members were eventually captured and hanged by British forces.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajiv Mahajan said that when the 1922 Chauri Chaura incident prompted Gandhi to end the Non-Cooperation Movement, Khan was one of the many youngsters left disappointed.

He felt a “dwindling faith in non-violent strategies” and started to believe that freedom from the shackles of colonialism called for more “radical methods”.

Khan was one of the four freedom fighters sentenced to death and at the age of 27.

“It’s strange to see those in power wake up only on some special occasions. The rest of the time they are in deep slumber. It clearly shows how much respect they have for those who laid down their lives for the country,” said Mahajan.

Speaking on the occasion, R C Puri, President of the Association, said Khan role model to his generation and generation afterwards was the first Muslim to willingly sacrifice his life at the age of 27, for sake of the motherland. Ashfaq Ullah wrote that he was proud to be the first Muslim to do so and be the first Muslim in his generations to serve the motherland.

Others present on the occasion were Th. Karnail Chand, Brij Mehra, Rajinder Singh, R.R Raina, J.J Singh, Ravinder Mittal and Gudu.

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