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JJSF announces its unit for GDC RS Pura

Pledged to fight for due share in jobs for youth of Jammu

Ashutosh Mathur was nominated as President of the Unit

Jammu, November 19 | Jammu Joint students’ Federation (JJSF) organized a simple but impressive joining programme at GDC RS Pura. The programme was organized under the leadership of Dakhsheesh Maharaj (State Vice-President JJSF) where was Atul Sudan (State Vice President was also present who was accompanied by Surjeet Phounsa (State Secretary), Kaushal Sharma (State Secretary), Sunil Chauhan Provincial Vice President), Raghav Sharma (Provincial Secretary).

Delivering the welcome address on the occasion Dakhsheesh Maharaj, State Vice President, JJSF said that JJSF has a history that it has led various agitations against the successive governments for discriminating Jammu. He said that JJSF always stood against injustice with the Jammu region in general and student community in particular. He assured all the students of the college that JJSF will work shoulder to shoulder with them for the welfare of students’ community.

Further addressing the students Dakhsheesh Maharaj said that JJSF is the only non-political student organization which is working on the ground for the welfare and upliftment of student community of Jammu region. He said that nowadays it has become the trend of the successive governments of the state to ignore the Dogras of Jammu in every sphere whether it is in education, in employment, in development, in the tourism sector or in any other field but now JJSF will not at all tolerate this attitude of the governments.

Addressing the students Atul Sudan (State Vice President JJSF) said that JJSF will raise all students concerned issues and will do their best to get them all addressed. He said that with the reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir students community and youth of Jammu is having great expectations from the new Lieutenant Governor. He said that Jammu Joint Students Federation will fight tooth and nail to get due share of jobs for the youth of Jammu. He said that Youth of Jammu Kashmir have studied under militancy affected atmosphere and it will not be suitable for them if they will be asked to complete the youth of other states in recruitment. He said the government needs to understand this and should announce a special recruitment package for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir and should further fix a reservation quota of 90% for the youth of Jammu Kashmir in Jobs of Jammu and KashmirUnion Territory.

Meanwhile, a unit for GDC RS Pura was announced, where Ashutosh Mathur was nominated as College President, Harjot Singh as Vice-President, Deepak Kumar, Gurvinder Singh and Deepak as General Secretaries, Amarjeet Singh, Harshdev Singh and GauravGourav Choudhary as Secretaries, Amanjot, Pawan Singh, Abhishek Mehra, Rohit Sharma as Co-ordinators.

Newly nominated members of the unit said that JJSF is the only organization which always fought for the cause of Jammu and had fought many historical agitations for the people of Jammu and this was the only reason that they decided to join JJSF. They further assured the JJSF leaders that they shall leave no stone unturned in fighting against the discrimination with Jammu under the banner of JJSF.

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