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HDFC and Mastercard announced a strategic partnership

SAP Concur Solutions, HDFC Bank & Mastercard Partner to Make Business Travel a Seamless Experience

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Jammu, 19 February | SAP® Concur®, the world’s leading brand for travel, expense, and invoice management solutions; HDFC Bank, India’s largest private sector bank; and Mastercard, the world’s leading payment technology company, announced a strategic partnership that will enable Indian corporates of all sizes to reimagine the way they pay for, reconcile and manage company spending. To help facilitate this, HDFC Bank will be offering a corporate credit card for business travellers, providing a one-stop solution for payment and expense management during business trips.

The corporate credit card will enable a seamless integration of all business-related spend into SAP Concur offerings, enhancing the employee experience, increasing visibility, saving money, and improving corporate efficiency. The card is supported by Mastercard.

“As India’s largest credit card issuer, it is our endeavour to have a card specifically designed for every Indian. Today, we are delighted to partner with SAP Concur solutions to introduce a compelling proposition for corporates and business travellers. With this card, corporates will be able to offer the best business traveller experience through cashless payments that integrate with management solutions forConcur Expense. Corporates can gain greater insights and control while ensuring regulatory and tax compliance through this solution. Together with SAP Concur solutions, we aim to reinvent the way Indian corporates experience business travel,” said Parag Rao, Country Head, Payments Business and Marketing, HDFC Bank.

“Success in business today means finding ways to be more productive while reducing costs. However, as spending gets easier, driving control and improving employee experience gets more complicated. By automating and integrating travel, expense, and invoice management, we are helping our customers build an intelligent spend management platform. This enables them to uncover valuable spend data, simplify processes, and make smart decisions. Using our joint solution, organisations can make strategic decisions based on insights unique to their business and gain a consolidated view of their budget, drive control on how employees spend money, automate payments to speed up processing, and ensure compliance and data accuracy.” said Mankiran Chowhan, Managing Director, Indian subcontinent, SAP Concur.

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