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Half Widow where love prevails over hate acclaimed worldwide

Srinagar, January 01 | This film Premiered at a prestigious Seattle international film festival in the United States along with various film festivals across the United States winning the various award. The film has received Dada Sahib Film Festival Award last year and has been cleared by the Film Censor/ The film also had a screening at the United Nations Los Angeles chapter. Board of India as it is a symbol of victory of love over hate, the victory of peace over conflict, the victory of humanity, the victory of Education and knowledge. The film already released earlier this year on Amazon Prime Video and is now set to open to have a limited theatrical release in India on Jan 6th, 2020.

Half Widow is a 2018 Indian drama film directed by debutant Danish Renzu and written by Renzu and Gaya Bhola. The film tells the story of a woman from Srinagar in Indian administered Kashmir, who tries to find her husband who is abducted by Indian armed men. Jointly produced by Bhola and Renzu, the film stars Neelofar Hamid, Shahnawaz Bhat, Mir Sarwar and Haseena Sofi in the lead roles. Because there are no theatres in Kashmir, the film was screened at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre. The title of the film refers to the namesake term used for Kashmiri women whose husbands have disappeared mostly in custody of security forces in the Kashmir conflict. The film’s official trailer was released in May 2017. The characters in the film talk in Urdu, with some Kashmiri.

It has been produced by Danish Renzu and Gaya Bhola and directed by Danish Renzu who has prestigious international Film awards in his credit. The lyrics and dialogues of the film have been written by Sunayana Kachroo and songs are sung by Sonu Nigam. Mir Sarwar and Neelofar Hamid are its original Kashmir stars as well as Shahnawaz. The Hollywood Cinematographer Antonio Cisneros has captured master beauty shots of the paradise of Kashmir and its pain.

The film is based on the love story of a couple who become innocent victims of conflict resulting in unending troubles for them. This film captures human hearts. Even a strong stone-hearted person can’t stop his tears.

In Delhi, Maharashtra, Punjab, UP and J&K there is enthusiasm to watch the film and advance bookings are being made. In Jammu from January 6 to 9, the film will be screened in PVR KC Theatre. All people who believe in humanity, love, and peace are advised to watch this international awarded film particularly its importance. The film has been 100% filmed in Kashmir particularly in most sensitive areas were during the last 30 years no film has been filmed. The Film theatres of Kashmir Broadway, Neelam, Sheeraz, Regal, Pladium, Firdouse, Naaz, Samad, Talkie Sopore, Khayam and Shah Cinema are being approached to open their theatres so that this Film is screened in Srinagar also from February.

Tourism authorities are being requested to ensure these theatres take positive steps to open their cinema halls. Authorities are being approached to ensure opening of these earmarked cinema halls for screening such love based films in Kashmir as all cinema halls in Kashmir can’t do any other commercial activity except film screening which they have avoided during last 30 years.

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