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First multi-cast lockdown thriller released on social networks

First multi-cast lockdown thriller movie released on social networks

Jammu, May 17 | AB Films and Tricorn Odeon Pictures released first-ever multi-cast lockdown movie Kaayar, a mystery, intrigue thriller social media like on YouTube, FB, Instagram, and Twitter.

The highlight of the movie is that it is made under stringent obedience of social distancing and sanitizing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Every actor did his/her job separately from respective homes while remaining connected on mobile phones putting in all technical support in the film.

High profile theatre and film personalities from Jammu and Delhi worked from far off distances to make the film entertaining with a strong moral message.

“Every morning when people switch on to TV sets and turn to newspapers, they find whole stuff filled with scary events worldwide on the COVID-19. In such a context we decided to provide people some entertaining relief through our effort to make this movie,” said Sapna Soni, the main actor of the film.

Aditya Bhanu, the director said earlier he had made two docu-dramas on COVID-19, one in Dogri language and the other in multi-linguistic format taking people from different states of the country.

“Now we have decided to give people healthy entertainment so that minds could be refreshed by watching some meaningful films and they could come out of fear psychosis of COVID 19,” said Aditya Bhanu.

The film has been written by Vikram Sharma whereas Aditya Bhanu, Spna Soni, and Gaurav Devgan have played pivotal roles in the movie. The joint technical team from New Delhi and Jammu which supported in making of the film included Kajal Suri, director Robroo, and Manju Wazir, Kathak exponent, both from New Delhi while Jammu team included Shilakha Sharma, Shalini Sharma, Navneet Verma, Dilbagh Singh, Siddharth, and Viraen.

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