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Device in pocket to remind people of social distancing

Railway Engineers developed a device to remind people to maintain at least a three metre distance

New Delhi, July 09 | A Southern Railway Signal & Telecommunication engineer has developed a device that can be fitted in the pocket or a small purse can be attached with ID Cards, and can also be used along with wristwatch.

Railway Engineer has developed the device to remind people to maintain at least a three-meter distance from each other. 30 grams in weight, uses radio frequency to detect the presence of human beings if they are wearing the same device.

While social distancing norms are one of the most essential methods to control the pandemic, it is often forgotten in daily life, the official said, emphasizing the need for such a device.

The device can be recharged with the help of a charger. Once it is charged, it will be active for more than twelve hours.

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