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Brig Gupta castigates Imran and Sonia for Kashmir remarks

Jammu, November 29 | Unwilling to accept the reality, Pakistan continues to propagate false propaganda with respect to the situation in Jammu & Kashmir in order to defame India and earn global sympathy, stated Brig Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party in a press release issued here today. Reacting to Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan Niazi’s latest statement wherein he has accused India of using Israeli model in Kashmir, Brig Gupta termed it as an unfair comparison.

“While the Palestinians claim to be under Israeli occupation, Kashmir is an integral part of India while a portion of it is under illegal occupation of Pakistan. Kashmiris are free to move anywhere in India, do business, buy property, work or settle down. They have Indian passports. Palestinians in their territory have no Israeli citizenship, cannot settle down in their own territory, and not even dig a well without permission. They cannot fly out of any Israeli airport.”

As per Israel’s Nation-State Law-Israel is not a state of its citizens but rather belongs to Jewish people that have a membership and belonging in the state. The full privileges of State are extended exclusively to its Jewish people only. Similarly, in Pakistan, a particular set of rules govern the majority of Sunni Muslims while another set governs the Shias and other minorities. “Imran has no locus standi to accuse India where the nation and its assets belong to all Indians irrespective of caste, colour, creed or religion. Our Constitution proudly states, ‘We the people of India’,” asserted Brig Gupta.

“However, India and Israel enjoy a special ‘strategic partnership’ due to our close ideological ties and a common vision against global jihadi terror. Pakistan being a fountainhead of jihadi terror is scared of growing political and military relationship between us and Israel, is evident from the statement of Imran Khan”, said Brig Gupta.

Reacting to the statement of Congress President Sonia Gandhi calling the abrogation of Article 370 as the subversion of democracy and terming the ground realities in the UT different from what the government was projecting, Brig Gupta retorted, “the problem lies in the fact that Sonia & Co is unwilling to accept the reality. Democracy was subverted the day Article 370 was inserted in the Constitution by Pandit Nehru at the insistence of Sheikh Abdullah ignoring the aspirations of the people of two-third of the then State of Jammu & Kashmir. Its abrogation has not only restored democracy but also brought cheers on the faces of millions of Indians. The reality that there is an absence of bloodshed and peace prevails in the Valley is conveniently ignored by the Congress because it prefers divisive politics above the lives of innocent Kashmiris.”

Despite the desperate attempt of Pakistan and the divisive elements at home to create disturbance in Kashmir, “Kashmir will soon and once again become an inclusive place where Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and others will live together joyfully, happily and peacefully. A true reflection of the true idea of India and reflection of her unity in diversity”, proudly announced Brig Gupta.

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