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BJP questions those vying for the release of three former CMs

Jammu, February 06 | In a press release issued here, Bharatiya Janata Party has questioned those who are vying for the release of three former CMs who have been under detention since 05 August, the historic day when the Modi government announced abrogation of article 370 and abolition of Art 35A, a long pending demand of the nation. Those who are now vying for their release on the pretext of democracy have many questions to answer to the people, stated Brig Anil Gupta, Spokesperson of the Party.

Reacting to the statement of Congress General Secretary Priyanka Vadra Gandhi wherein she has questioned the continued detention for past six months of the three former CMs and desired to know “if we were still a democracy or not”, the statement read “@Priyanka Vadra Gandhi, if India was a democracy when Sheikh Abdullah was jailed for years together by your great grandfather Nehru, it is a democracy even today. Compared to the era when your grandmother ruled the country, India is a better democracy today. Remember 1984-89 when your father ruled the country till 1989 and overruled all the inputs fed to him which resulted in the massacre of Kashmiri Hindus and their mass exodus from the Valley, India is certainly a much better democracy today.”

The statement further read, “When in May 2016, all the 44 elected MLAs of Congress in West Bengal were made to sign a written pact that they would remain loyal to your mother Sonia and brother Rahul, what type of democracy was that? It doesn’t behold good for the Congress and its leaders to talk of democracy because they are the real murderers of democracy in this country. Through the policy of appeasement, Congress is dividing the country. Do not try to mislead the people and gain sympathy in the name of democracy. Let it be very clear to you and your party colleagues that in New Democratic India, democracy will be upheld at all costs and nothing detrimental to national integrity, unity and security will be tolerated.”

In response to the NCs anguish over the prolonged detention of mainstream leaders, the statement questioned if the demands of Greater Autonomy and Self-Rule were supporting separatist politics or promoting mainstream politics? The insult of the national flag, raising of Pro-Pak slogans, eulogising slain terrorists and highly threatening statements made by these leaders prior to detention were nowhere near the mainstream politics, asserted Brig Gupta.

“The prevailing peace and decline of terror when these leaders are under detention compared to the periods when they occupied the highest chairs in the State speak volumes about the actual ground reality. Those who swore by the Constitution to resolve the problem were actually the part of the problem,” accused Brig Gupta. Though BJP opposes prolonged detention of any individual but has no hesitation to support the same if it contributes to peace and restoring normalcy concluded the statement.

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