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Army organises awareness lecture on “Water Conservation”

Jammu, February 02 | To enhance awareness of the local population on issues relating to the importance of saving water, an awareness lecture on “Water Conservation” was organised by the Army at Government High School Acchad in Poonch District.

A large number of students and youth of Acchad and adjoining areas attended the lecture with great zeal and enthusiasm. During the lecture audience were made aware of the problems of water scarcity faced all across the world and were encouraged to save water. They were briefed on various measures that can be implemented to conserve water. The audience was told how precious this natural resource was for the well-being of our future generations. Children were educated on means to save water like closing the taps after use, rainwater harvesting, judicious use of water for non-essential works like washing and cleaning etc.

The audience appreciated the efforts put in by the Army in educating them on social issues that immensely affects the well-being of future generations. At the end of the lecture, the ubiquitous slogan “Save Water- Save Earth” was firmly ingrained in the minds of the audience.

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