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Army conducts awareness lecture on “road safety” in poonch

Jammu, January 09 | With the aim to educate the students about Road Safety Measures, Army organised an awareness lecture on “Road Safety Measures” at Kulali in Poonch district. There has been a substantial increase in the vehicular traffic in the recent years, however, due to the lack of knowledge about traffic rules amongst the local population, especially the students and youth, the same has resulted in an increase in the number of road accidents causing a large number of avoidable fatalities and serious injuries.

The students and youth of Kulali and adjoining areas attended the lecture with great zeal and enthusiasm. During the lecture, the audience was informed that road traffic accidents are one of the world’s biggest hazards which can be prevented only by exercising caution and by strictly following the traffic rules and safety measures. The students were educated to use helmets, seatbelts, avoid using mobile phones while driving and avoid driving if drunk. The students were motivated to check others indulged in breaking traffic norms for their own safety and safety of others. The lecture was conducted as an interactive session wherein the quantum of queries raised by the audience was addressed.

The students and youth applauded the efforts of the Army in spreading awareness on issues which can result in saving lives and limbs.

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