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Ajit Pawar has lost the credibility and has shocked activists

Jammu November 23 | While showing resentment and lambasting on the ugly role of Ajit Pawar by supporting BJP in Maharashtra the student wing of NCP J&K unit has condemned his ugly role.

The Prominent social Activist and National Executive Council Member and Spokesperson of NSC

Er. Rishi Kaul Kilam said that Ajit Pawar has damaged the NCP and has lost the credibility and faith.

The student wing while showing resentment requested and urged Mr Sharad Pawar the party Chief to take stern action by alienating Ajit Pawar from the Party otherwise the student wing will take the alternative step for the future course of action and think to leave the party.

Ajit Pawar has damaged the image of the party altogether and lost his credibility.

The student wing of NSC wants development in the region and immediate settlement of the issues of farmers and not to waste time in political issues.

The government must think of the uplift of people and the practice of changing the party after winning the elections should be stopped at least for five years because it is cheating with electorates.

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