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AAP-J&K appeals Lt. Guv to look over increasing road accidents

Take stern action against concerned authorities

Jammu, February 23 | While expressing grief & anguish over the tragic Bus accident in Rajouri District in which 10 persons were killed & 37 others were injured. Ram Singh Chauhan, Farooq Ahmed Banday & Kuldeep Kumar Rao, AAP J&K activists in a joint statement issued here have expressed grief over the loss of precious lives and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family & also prayed for the speedy recovery of the injured persons.

They appealed to His-Excellency the Lt. Governor of Jammu & Kashmir to immediately release Rs. 5 Lakh as ex-gratia relief in favour of Kins of poor deceased & also one lakh to the seriously injured ones in the Bus accident at Lamberi in Rajouri District.

They also expressed concern over the increasing road accidents in Pir Panjal & Chenab Valley due to overloading of the vehicles / bad conditions of roads. They wondered as to how the heavy toll of lives occurred in the road accidents have failed to wake up the concerned Department particularly the state government from deep slumber over the years and miserably failed to formulate concrete policy aimed to the safety of the commuters? Is it that the concerned traffic authorities have no concern for the lives lost or that they take the things as a matter of routine happening? What the huge deployment of traffic sleuths are doing on the roads? Passengers often see them negotiating with transport operators at different points on the road and simply share with themselves the unholy nexus between them desperately.

The government in general and the concerned departments, in particular, owes an explanation to the public at large as to who is responsible for the loss of lives in road accidents, release said and expressed great astonishment that the public has never come to know about punishment handed to any traffic constabulary ever since inception of traffic department? Is it a simple game of state-managed money extortion on the road to share the booty from bottom to top? Why the outdated & overloaded busses & Tata Sumo are plying on these roads and there is no check on these outdated Buses, Mini-buses & Tata Sumos. Why the enquires are not conducted by special technical experts in all types of irregularities in the construction of roads, including wrong Surveys of roads & wrong constructions of roads by PWD department?

They fervently appeal to His-Excellency the Lt. Governor of J&K to look seriously into all these irregularities which have not so far been controlled sternly. We humbly request to initiate enquiries into all types of irregularities including wrong Surveys of roads, wrong constructions etc in the construction of roads in Pir Panjal & Chenab Valley and stern action taken against the defaulters,

All the outdated vehicles should be immediately banned from plying on the roads & The traffic sleuths should be strictly watched so that they do not compromise with the drivers regarding speed & overloading. The concerned authorities, public representatives & administration remain preoccupied with their own commissions and throw all other norms including safety angle to winds

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