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1 out of 2 children do not have healthy BMI

10th Annual Health Survey by Sportz Village reveals

Jammu, 27 January | Sportz Village’s 10th Annual Health Survey (AHS) reveals that children are displaying poor fitness levels across India. The nationwide survey has covered 1,49,833 children in the age groups of 7 years to 17 years from 364 schools across 250 cities and towns.

The AHS was launched 10 years ago to understand the overall health and fitness levels of children in private schools. The survey assessed the children on different fitness parameters of Body Mass Index (BMI), Aerobic capacity, Anaerobic capacity, Abdominal or Core strength, Flexibility, Upper body strength, and Lower body strength. At a national level, the survey reveals that 1 in 2 children do not have healthy BMI. The number of children with healthy levels of Aerobic capacity, Upper body strength and lower body strength is also low. Although this is a matter of concern, the number of children with healthy levels of Abdominal strength and Sprint capacity have increased in comparison to last year.

Saumil Majmudar, CEO, Sportz Village Schools, says, “The AHS indicates that the health of children in India is not what it should be. Although this is a cause for concern, we know what we have to do, to address this problem. The amount of time a child spends in physical activity is directly correlated to the fitness parameters of Upper body strength, BMI and Aerobic capacity. School leaders need to ensure that there is an adequate number of physical education periods factored into a school’s timetable. There is also a need to implement structured in-school physical education programs that are age-appropriate, inclusive and engage all children meaningfully.

Moreover, an adequate number of qualified physical education trainers are also required to ensure that all children get ample attention and equal opportunities to play and learn.”

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